Terminal Tessan

What differentiates a teleconsultation from a conventional medical consultation is the form: a remote consultation will be carried out using a computer equipped with a webcam, a tablet, a smartphone or a cabin or a teleconsultation terminal such as those offered by Tessan.

During a session, the general practitioner or specialist will examine the patient by discussing his symptoms with him and using the camera of the device used.

If it is a consultation in a terminal or cabin, the doctor can also guide the patient in the use of the connected objects available to him. This is how remote consultation works: with a lot of simplicity and fluidity, just like in a cabinet consultation.

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Patients recommend Tessan

« Teleconsultation booth in the pharmacy, discretion assured with the health professional consulted, officinal team listening and ready to help in case of need »

Philip Martin

« Very good welcome:) I recommend 100% I came for an emergency consultation, I was taken care of fairly quickly and pharmacists were available to help me. »

Niouma Sakho

« Very practical, fast. The nurse on site explains everything, she is very nice. Doc like that, it’s nice not to wait and be understood without being a regular patient. »

-Kathie Lou

« The support of the pharmacy staff in the handling of the cabin was top • As for the teleconsultation it was very effective, all the available devices are simple to use. I adhere to 200% ! »

Virgi C

Their mission

Created in 2018, Tessan specializes in the development of teleconsultation augmented solutions.

Tessan democratizes and facilitates access to primary care and aims to bring telemedicine players together to democratize access to care.

Their vision

Tessan is above all a company driven by technological, medical and societal innovation, with the main objective: the fight against medical deserts. Tessan offers connected medical offices that can be installed in pharmacies, EHPAD, town halls, landlords, transport hubs, businesses, residential services etc.